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Your PBX doesn’t know good from bad

Your phone system is basically a blank cheque written to your telephone provider. For most people, your telecommunications provider will bill you at the end of the month for all the calls you put through. Its a good system, until something goes wrong.

PBX’s aren’t designed to check if your calls are really coming from you, they are designed to pass calls through your business with a minimum of fuss. By putting PBX Shield in the middle you mitigate your risk and are notified of security events on your PBX that may be harmful.

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PBX Shield gives you the tools to secure your system against the damage caused by a successful toll fraud hack attempt. We are able to detect the breach and act upon it based on your settings, whilst also alerting yourself or your security team to the problem.

  • Entirely cloud based – No additional hardware required.

  • Any number of PBXs– We support multiple PBXs through the one GUI

  • Data – We keep only the data required for security. Not your calls.

  • Access from anywhere – No matter where you are, day or night.

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We use the Google Cloud Platform to provide us with fault tolerant connectivity and allow us to seamlessly scale our system to meet the needs of small startup’s through to enterprise size systems.

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Intrusion attempts this year

* The number of attacks on our honeypot network within 12 months. Updated monthly.

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Setup your system with our free account and get cloud protection configured and running immediately. We don’t ask for credit card details and we don’t lock you into a time limited trial. If all you require is our free account, then its yours forever, no questions asked. We really believe everyone is entitled to peace of mind, whatever the size of their business.

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We will always do our best to help you if you have been under attack before, or are under attack now. Obviously our first step would be to have you install PBX Shield to mitigate the attack. Then we would generally run you through a security check-list. It’s important to note that we won’t login to your system and do analysis or fixes. We are always happy to guide your team on how to do this.

Yes, and no. PBX Shield allows you free access if your putting through 250 calls per month or less. Thats about 10-15 calls each business day. If you want to put through any more then that you will need to subscribe. Additionally, we have locked a few features down to paid only subscriptions.

Yes, absolutely. The more the merrier. Every PBX Shield account allows for multiple PBX systems to be monitored and notified upon.

PBX Shield is designed to work with as many PBX systems as possible. We do this by being the first trunk your system calls. Basically, you send the call to us and we validate it. If the call is fine, then we send it back to you and your PBX sends the call out of your regular provider. If the call is bad, we will hangup the call and notify you.

Real time block lists are generated from our network of honey pot servers. Using our honey pot’s we are able to figure out what the attackers are doing right now and in turn create real-time lists of numbers, caller-ids and IP addresses that are currently being abused. If we see this kind of traffic come from your system, we take action.

No. In fact, it’s not even possible for us to record your calls. Once we validate a call, we hand it back to you. Our systems aren’t configured to serve voice traffic at all.