PBX Shield – Cloud PBX Security

PBX Shield provides cloud based security for your PBX system. Using rule based settings, combined with real-time black listing and powerful AI features, PBX Shield is designed to block toll fraud (telecommunications fraud) on your PBX system..

  • Totally cloud based. No extra hardware or software needs to be installed in-house.

  • Compatible with most VOIP and Non-VOIP PBX systems.

  • Works with Asterisk, FreePBX, 3CX, PBXWare, Freeswitch and almost every other PBX system.

  • API Available for integration into your own systems

  • PBX Security statistics generated in real-time.

  • Notification of team members when an intrusion occurs.

  • Multiple PBX’s can be managed from the one GUI

  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile compatible interface. Manage your systems from anywhere

No Hardware Required

PBX Shield requires no additional hardware to be installed into your network. Our system can either be connected as an additional trunk on your PBX system (VoIP) or you can use our http request method to validate calls directly through your PBX system or as part of your CRM.

All processing is done on our network, situated completely on the Google Cloud Platform for maximum reach and performance, world-wide.

We also have quick and easy setup documentation for almost all of the major VoIP PBX systems available.

Setup Documentation

We only store what is necessary

We understand that your data is important to you and your business. PBX Shield only stores the data that we need to keep you safe. We can’t record your calls and don’t store your call detail records (CDR’s).

Don’t hand them a blank cheque

When you signup with a telecommunications provider your giving them a guarantee that you will pay them for the calls you make. Don’t give intruders into your PBX system the same promise. PBX Shield is specifically designed to detect, notify and block malicious activity on your PBX system. It’s what we do.

More About Toll Fraud
pbx shield robot

Your own PBX security robot.

Even when your business is closed and your asleep, PBX Shield will be watching over your system when nobody else is, making sure that your not going to wake up to a nasty surprise in the morning.

It’s like having your very own security robot that never eats, sleeps or takes a break.

Get started immediately by setting up a free account. We don’t ask for credit card details or give you a time limited trial, just the peace of mind of immediate protection for one of your most overlooked office systems.

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