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Testing PBX Shield with X-Lite

Although not a traditional way of setting up PBX Shield, one of the easiest ways to test if your PBX Shield profile is working is to directly connect a software phone to it.

Why would we do this?

  • This allows us to make sure our PBX Shield account is working and functional
  • Checking log entries in the system works.
  • Checking notifications.

Why would we normally not do this?

You wouldn’t do this live, because your not actually protecting anything by connecting a software phone directly to PBX Shield. Connecting a software phone is simply a testing mechanism to get a feel for how the system works.

Lets get started!

Our software phone of choice is Counter Paths X-Lite. In this quick how-to, we will be connecting X-Lite to a PBX Shield profile for testing purposes.


  • You have setup a PBX Profile for your PBX within PBX Shield.
  • You have installed X-Lite

To get started, load X-Lite software phone. It should look like this:

X-Lite software phone

Now on the top menu, click on Softphone and then click on Account Settings

You should now enter the account settings menu:

X-Lite account settings

To connect X-Lite to PBX Shield, change the following details:

  • Account Name: PBX Shield
  • User ID: 100
  • Domain: protect.pbxshield.com
  • Display name: The PBX ID of the profile you have setup. (Getting your PBX ID)

Press the OK button to save your settings.

Congratulations! You should now be connected to PBX Shield.

To test your connection, please use the testing numbers located on our Testing Your System documentation page.

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