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Other PBX Hardware / Software

Setting up PBX Shield on almost any hardware is quite simple, including hardware based PBX solutions.

To setup PBX Shield on your PBX simply:

  1. Setup a trunk with no username/password authentication to: protect.pbxshield.com
  2. Make sure the trunk you setup has your PBX ID as the CallerID Name. (This is the NAME field, not the callerID number. Most PBX’s have this as “PBX_ID” <CallerID>”), usually where “John” or “Bob” would come up.
  3. Put the new trunk into your outgoing call flow (outbound routes) as the first trunk that your system calls out through.
  4. Make sure your outbound provider is the second trunk the PBX tries.
  5. If required, make sure your PBX is set to fail to the second trunk in the event of congestion. (Most PBX’s do this by default).

Thats all you need to do.

Once you have done the above steps you can test your system using our testing documentation here.

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