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Getting your PBX ID

Before setting up any PBX system you will need to get that PBX’s ID from PBX Shield.

Fortunately this is a really easy process, all you need to do is open the PBX profile you want to setup from the side menu, then click on configuration settings.

Configuration settings side-menu

Once you have opened the menu, you will be immediately presented with the PBX ID. We use the PBX ID to identify the PBX you are protecting when your PBX system connects to us.

Getting your PBX ID

In your configuration, you will see a long number next to the “PBX ID” field.

Simply press the Copy button and copy it to your clipboard. (Or put it in your favorite text editor for a few minutes).

Great! Now you have your PBX ID. You will need to input this in a field in your PBX.

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