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Bicom Systems PBXWare Settings

Setting up PBXWare with PBX Shield


  • You have a working PBXWare installation
  • You have an extension connected to the PBXWare install
  • You can install more then 1 trunk on your system.

Installing PBX Shield into PBXWare is quick and easy. To start we will need to add a new trunk to our system. To do this, click on Trunks on the left side menu.

Once you have selected trunks click on the “Add Trunk” link at the top of the menu. Once you have done this, you should be looking at the basic add trunk menu.

  • Select Generic SIP from the drop-down menu for Provider.
  • Click Next Step

You will now be taken to the edit trunk menu. This is where you will put in the settings for the PBX Shield trunk.

On the left side change the Name of the trunk to PBXShield, choose your country and set Emergency Trunk to No

On the right side of the menu, called Authentication make the following changes:

  • Peer Host: protect.pbxshield.com
  • Peer Username: 100

Now click on Show Advanced Options

The menu will grow a lot. Don’t be concerned, we only have to change one thing in this menu. The caller ID settings.

Scroll down to the Caller ID section which should be on the left.

Change the following setting:

  • Outbound Caller ID: “PBX_ID” <100>

Replacing PBX_ID with the PBX ID supplied in your PBX profile.

Finally, you will need to setup your trunk. On the side menu, click on the settings tab and then default trunks.

You will be presented with the default trunks menu. What you need to do is make sure that your newly created PBX Shield trunk is the first trunk in the list. (Primary).

Then make your existing VoIP or PSTN provider the secondary trunk.

  • Primary Trunk: PBX Shield
  • Secondary Trunk: Your Provider

Once you have done this, make sure you save your changes.

Congratulations! you have successfully setup PBX Shield on PBXWare.

To test everything is in working order, please follow our testing guide.

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